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Why Another Monitoring System ?

DRAFT VERSION: Work In Progress

Is there not a surplus of existing monitoring solutions ? Well, there are plenty, to be sure and we're big fans of many of them. See our compiled list of commercial and open source solutions.
  • Pervasive: Most applications have several supporting dependencies and all of them have at least the underlying operating system, all of which can and will significantly influence the performance and availability of your application. All of these dependencies need to be monitored and our philosophy is that the collected data from this monitoring should be managed by a single consolidated application performance management system. This is not to say that you can throw out all your network sniffers, database management tools and your Nagios server. All of these have their place. However, applications that have complexity and/or distributed architectures have emerging problems in production, and the most confounding of these problems, like the architecture, tend to be distributed in that they may not have a single root cause or point of blame. Relying on siloed monitoring results in an incomplete and often misleading view of an application's performance issues and triage process. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and consolidated system where every single dependency can be correlated and viewed as a single entity.
  • Simplicity:
  • Flexibility:
  • Extensible:
  • Integration:
  • Multi-Language Support:
We have gone to some length to design Helios as set of individual components which can be all used together to supply an end to end solution, or used individually to fill a gap in the system you are using now. As we are fond of several existing solutions, we are working to ensure that any of our components can be integrated into these solutions since we fully recognize the strengths of those systems and why you would be using them. And if you're not using one of them, we hope you will consider evaluating Helios.